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Special Ops Fitness, located at 142 Lugnut LN Mooresville, NC is a new way for you to train with a purpose just like the men and women in our elite forces.  We have developed this tactical interval training program based on U.S. Special Forces training. This physical and mental training will increases your mental and physical endurance, situational awareness and further develops your ability to remain calm, focused, and capable during stressful situations in your life.  Whether it’s our 35 minute Tactical Interval Training or Yoga or a mix of both, we will work with you on a personal level for an effective workout that meets your needs.

Check out our pricing page for different options or contact us for personalized training and programs.

142 Lugnut LN STE 201, Mooresville, NC 28117  Phone: 980-435-0067

We will limit membership to 150 teammates in order to ensure you have the ability to train to your maximum potential.

What We Do

Our mission is to provide you the opportunity to reach your maximum physical and mental potential no matter your starting point.

Special Ops Fitness delivers a 35 minute Tactical Interval Training designed to give you a total body workout and exercise your brain for better focus, situational awareness and finite motor-skills.

We provide yoga classes Monday through Friday for exponential personal development and stress reduction.  Our instructors are able to teach a first time student or give advanced classes.

Like Special Operations units, we are small, professional and effective. We developed a facility much like a Special Forces team room. You, as a Special Ops Fitness team member, will always be welcome and considered part of the inner circle.

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Tactical Interval Training

Who We Are

While developing and growing Special Ops Fitness, I wanted to surround myself with the type of people who make up a Special Forces Operational Detachment – Alpha (A-Team). The best Special Forces teams consist of people with diverse skills and different backgrounds, yet all are self motivated, eager to learn, dependable, professional and believe in a common goal. Our team is just that.



Come in for an introductory workout and check MindBody for the most up to date schedule.

For time slots highlighted in yellow, email us the time* you would like to start your workout and we will be open and ready.

*12 hours prior for 5:30am to 7:30am and 1 hour prior for all other times

Send email to: Info@SpecialOpsFitness.com

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