Holiday Special Pricing

Our first Christmas Special is here! Let it be a gift for another or for yourself. Either way, it’s an all inclusive deal that will have a lasting positive effect.

For a limited time we’re offering huge discounts on our All Access Memberships. This includes unlimited access to our high intensity interval training integrated with cognitive exercises, tactical defense shooting techniques* for rapid stress adaptation, and yoga.  Implementing all 3 exercises enables you to reach an even greater level of mental calm and physical capability.

Based on training received by U.S. Special Operations Forces, this form of training is specifically designed to increase your ability to perform well and methodically during stressful situations.

Experience for yourself an entire month of our personalized approach with unlimited training for $145.** 

If you’ve already decided to prioritize your health and make a noticeable change in yourself, join the team for three months at $395.**

Check out our pricing page for different options that may better align with your needs. Contact us for personalized training and programs.

142 Lugnut LN STE 201, Mooresville, NC 28117  Phone: 980-435-0067

*We utilize safe but effective airsoft training tools

**Special offer for a limited time only

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