Cody Nix – Retired U.S. Army Green Beret and Founder and President of Special Ops Fitness

Cody Nix served in the U.S. Army from 1990-2013 as an infantryman, intelligence interrogator, and his last 13 years in Special Forces.

During his time in Special Forces, Cody completed numerous overt and covert combat deployments throughout the Middle East, the Balkans, and Africa. He received several awards including the Combat Infantry Badge, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart.

Upon retirement from the US Army, Nix accepted a job opportunity with Hendrick Motorsports to develop and manage a new division focused on utilizing applicable technology and processes from racing to solve problems for the warfighter. Since conception, Hendrick Dynamics has developed and deployed niche combat vehicles, clandestine vehicle systems, and other material solutions to US personnel around the globe.

While serving as a Green Beret, Cody found that he had a strong interest in the psychological aspect of the mind’s conditioning and ability to focus and adapt to stress while engaged in combat. After talking with the units psychologist, he discovered that cognitive problem solving and stress adaptation are implemented in almost all training scenarios for special operations.

Upon retirement and Cody’s reentry into the civilian sector, he realized how people today are under more stress than ever before, and it is having a greater negative impact on physical well being than was previously thought.

Cody then developed a plan based on his training as a Green Beret which he modified and integrated into an effective physical workout regime. His ultimate goal is to increase a person’s confidence, cognitive ability, physical endurance, and their ability to readily adapt to stress and continue to perform at an optimum level.