Gracie Jane – Yoga Instructor /Yoga Program Developer, Media and Marketing Manager

Gracie Jane has been practicing yoga since 2011 after the birth of her youngest child. She was familiar with the physical practices, but the mental and spiritual practices were a new dimension for her. The moment she was first able to allow her mind to relax by pulling her attention away from her racing thoughts, Gracie fully developed a passion for yoga.

The peace Gracie experienced is what she strives to share with her students, along with a sense of empowerment, and a reminder of their own greatness. With a background in Education and Psychology she was excited to share the powerful physical and mental benefits of yoga with others. She started teaching in 2012 after completing a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Gracie continues her education by attending various local workshops when available. Gracie has worked at local studios and a private mental health retreat teaching yoga to everyone from beginners to other seasoned instructors.

Gracie continues to enjoy teaching yoga classes and has expanded into private personalized yoga sessions as well. She had found that the general benefits of yoga are optimized for the individual when in a private setting because of the ability to personally tailor the private session to one’s specific needs and goals with undivided attention based on where they are in their personal practice of yoga and life in general. Gracie is able to take this knowledge and bring into a group setting.