Tactical Interval Training

We have mirrored, with applicable modifications for you, the training of U.S. Special Forces which is used to ensure they are able to focus and perform at their peak levels while under extreme stress.

A complete 35 minute session includes 10 workout stations (3 minutes each) with a 30 second recovery periods.  To get maximum benefit, challenge yourself by including our mental exercises and safe tactical shooting exercises during the recovery periods.

You can start your session at anytime at any workout station. We will not stop you from going longer, when you purchase a membership and become a team member you can train as often as you like, no limits.

WHY TACTICAL WEAPONS TRAINING? The intent is for you to learn a complex set of skills which when done properly result in a desired outcome.  I’ll train you just like we were trained in Special Forces, starting slow, building muscle memory and increasing competence.  As you get better, we will add complexity to your range time increasing your ability to observe, orient, decide and act while under high levels of stress.  This will carry over to other aspects in your life wether at work or at home.

Interval training is an efficient  and effective way to increase aerobic ability and strength. Your metabolic rate (calories burned) will increase over a period of 24-36 hours vs. running or common strength training which only is active during the workout.

Intense interval training also mimics the symptoms people encounter when faced with high levels of stress, such as shortness of breath, loss of cognitive skills and focus, and loss of finite motor-skills.  You can learn to overcome these with practice, moving the mental process from your limbic brain (fight or flight) to your homosapien brain (reasonable thought). With practice, you will be able to rapidly adapt to stress and perform mentally with increased confidence and increased effectiveness in all aspects of your life.