What We Deliver


  • Functional Interval Training: Based on special operations training this 35 minutes of high intensity interval training is designed to push your strength, endurance, confidence and mental focus to your maximum. 
    • Start anytime during open hours. These are not group classes.
    • Add tactical shooting to your workout for additional mental focus and skill. *
  • Ask about team building events and group classes.


*Integrated workout with Tactical Shooting: Available to members only, take a one hour class which allows you to shoot during your workout with Special Ops Fitness supplied equipment.

If you want to shoot more, procure your own equipment (weapon, ammunition, targets and propellant) and use the range anytime it is not being utilized by other members. All equipment must be approved by Special Ops Fitness prior to using it on our range.

***Special Ops Fitness does not play public music.  If you desire to listen to music while training, please bring your own music with headphones for the respect of others.