What We Deliver

Based on training used by U.S. Special Forces (The Green Berets),  we provide instruction at a facility where you can train with other like minded individuals.

Specific areas of study: Fire and Maneuver, Special Operations Planning, Use of Cover and Concealment, Shooting from and around Vehicles, Team Battle Drills and Tactical Fitness.

Pistol, Rifle, Carbine – 0 to 300 meter targets on separate, distinct lanes each providing a different level of fire and maneuver.

For group or private training requests, go to the “Contact Us” page or email me at Info@SpecialOpsFitness.com

You can be a great shot, in top physical condition and have the greatest equipment money can buy, yet none of this means much if you can’t implement your skills when it’s needed. You have to push yourself in training and integrate your skills under realistic conditions that push your mental and physical limits until you are comfortable with chaos. – Cody Nix