What We Deliver


  • Functional Interval Training: Based on special operations training this 35 minutes of high intensity interval training is designed to build muscle, melt fat, and increase your strength, endurance, confidence and mental focus.
    • Add tactical shooting to your workout for stress adaptation and more fun. *
  • Nutrition: Learn how to eat for success without “dieting”.
  • Yoga: Compliment your life or add it to your routine for faster recovery.

Additional Offerings

  • Special Forces Tactical Shooting Workshops: Utilizing safe, nonlethal training weapons, you will be able to train on techniques and build muscle memory not possible or affordable at most ranges.
  • Private Combat Pistol Instruction: $75 per hour 
  • Self Defense Classes: Tailored to your specific needs, these classes cover the full spectrum of self protection and defense.
  • Team Building: A group of people working together as a cohesive team is unstoppable.
  • If you want more, just ask.


*Integrated workout with Tactical Shooting: Available to members, you can opt to take a one hour class which allows you to shoot specified Courses of Action during your workout with Special Ops Fitness supplied equipment.

If you want to shoot more, procure your own equipment (weapon, ammunition, targets and propellant) and use the range anytime it is not being utilized by other members. All equipment must be approved by Special Ops Fitness prior to using it on our range.