What Special Ops Fitness Delivers

  • Full Body Workout: Based on effective and efficient special operations training, this 35 minute circuit workout is designed to build muscle, melt fat, and increase your overall strength, endurance, confidence and mental focus.
    • Adding tactical shooting to your workouts not only makes your workout much more fun, it will increase your ability to focus, remain calm and perform when under stressful situations in your everyday life.
  • Nutrition: We will work with you to develop an effective nutrition plan you can follow in your everyday life.

Additional Offerings

  • Special Forces Tactical Shooting Workshops: Utilizing safe, functional training weapons, you will be able to train on techniques and build muscle memory not possible or affordable at most ranges.
  • Yoga: Our amazing instructors will connect with you personally to deliver exactly what you desire. They are highly trained and are happy to teach all levels of students.
  • Self Defense Classes: Tailored to your specific needs, these classes cover the full spectrum of self protection and defense.
  • Team Building: A group of people working together as a cohesive team is unstoppable. Whether here at our facility or at your’s, a few hours of team building will make all of the difference.
  • If you want more, all you have to do is ask.