Holiday Special Pricing

Our first Christmas Special is here! Let it be a gift for another or for yourself. Either way, it’s an all inclusive deal that will have a lasting positive effect.

For a limited time we’re offering huge discounts on our All Access Memberships. This includes unlimited access to our high intensity interval training integrated with cognitive exercises, tactical defense shooting techniques* for rapid stress adaptation, and yoga.  Implementing all 3 exercises enables you to reach an even greater level of mental calm and physical capability.

Based on training received by U.S. Special Operations Forces, this form of training is specifically designed to increase your ability to perform well and methodically during stressful situations.

Experience for yourself an entire month of our personalized approach with unlimited training for $145.** 

If you’ve already decided to prioritize your health and make a noticeable change in yourself, join the team for three months at $395.**

Check out our pricing page for different options that may better align with your needs. Contact us for personalized training and programs.

142 Lugnut LN STE 201, Mooresville, NC 28117  Phone: 980-435-0067

*We utilize safe but effective airsoft training tools

**Special offer for a limited time only

Intro to Tactical Interval Training

Date: December 16, 2017
Time: Drop in between 10:00am and 2:00pm
Location: Special Ops Fitness 142 Lugnut Ln. Mooresville, NC 28117
Cost: Free

Come in for a free introductory session and try a new type of workout which exercises your mind as much as your body. Based on training I conducted during my time as a Green Beret in the U.S. Army Special Forces, our training individually integrates tactical weapons* scenarios and mental exercises into our interval training. This training is what we used to enable us to remain calm, focus clearly and act methodically during periods of stress whether at home or at work.

You can do this training no matter your current level of fitness. This is not a boot camp or selection style workout. It is based on sustained special operations training. It is challenging, but also something you can do every day and build upon to continually better yourself.

* We use safe, high end airsoft weapons which are great for training safely indoors but look and feel identical to their real life counterpart. We provide the equipment and training required even if you’ve never fired any type of weapon before. This is how I trained my own kids when they were younger and wanted to give shooting a try, and they are the most important thing in my life.

Create Your Own Birds of Change Necklace

Create your own Bird of Change necklace, do a little yoga, and probably have a lot of good laughs!

The copper birds will be precut, and our idea is to help you do everything else yourself. From cleaning the copper, to deciding your colors and sifting out the enamel, to cutting and gluing the leather chains, it will all be handmade by you!

You’ll have the option to make one or many necklaces since they make great gifts, and it’s that time of year! It’s also nice to have multiple colors for yourself!

Date: December 2, 2017
Time: 2-4pm
Location: Special Ops Fitness
Cost: $50 for 1 necklace and yoga. $25 for each additional necklace.

Space is limited to only 10 people. Reserve your spot HERE.



Cody Nix – President , Founder-Former Green Beret, started Hendrick Dynamics, Director of Government Programs

Born in Valley City, ND

Resides in Charlotte NC area since retirement in 2013.

Cody Nix served in the military from 1990-2013. Upon joining the Army, Nix was an infantry member from 1990-1997. In 1997 Nix served as a Reserve Military Intelligence Interrogator until 2000.

From 2000-2013 Nix served as a member of the US Army Special Forces, also known as “The Green Berets,” as a Special Forces Engineer until he retired (2013).

During his time in Special Forces, Nix completed numerous overt and covert combat deployments throughout the Middle East, the Balkans, and Africa. He received several awards including the Combat Infantry Badge, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart.

From 2010-2013 Nix finished his years in the Special Forces as the Combat Developer for Special Forces Tactical Ground Mobility. During this time he was responsible for planning procurement and sustainment with a $630M budget for all conventional and unconventional vehicles. During this, he also managed, developed and wrote vehicle requirements for US Special Operations Command in coordination with Navy Special Warfare Command, Marine Corp Special Operations Command, and Air Force Special Operations Command.

Upon retirement from the US Army, Nix accepted a job opportunity with Hendrick Motorsports to develop and manage a new division, Hendrick Dynamics, with the mission of transferring racing technology and processes into military vehicles to solve problems for the warfighter. Since conception, Hendrick Dynamics has developed and deployed niche combat vehicles, clandestine vehicle systems, and other material solutions to US personnel around the globe.

While serving as a Green Beret, Nix found that he had a strong interest in the psychological aspect of the mind’s conditioning and reactivity during combat operations. Naturally, physical fitness was an integral part of being a Special Forces Operator.

Upon retirement and Nix’s reentry into the civilian sector, Nix realized how his Special Forces training was applicable to civilians and how it could optimize potential in all aspects of someone’s life- from a stay at home mom to a CEO. This realization formed into a passion to share his knowledge and training to help everyday people reach their maximum potential in aspects of their life.